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At The E-Waste Project, we pride ourselves on being community-driven and focused. Our collection events are no exceptions. We aim to bring communities closer by creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere for residents of all ages. We’re proud to host events with communities including, but not limited to, small businesses, schools, and universities. 

You are able to drop off all your unwanted electronics free of charge, and we assure you all electronics and other e-waste items are recycled in proper and environmental practice. We will also have a vehicle available for the pickup of heavier items within the given township/borough limits during the day of an event, completely free of charge. So be sure to join us for food, drinks, music, and an environmental effort that everyone can enjoy.

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We should all be working to protect the environment and our local region, especially from the harmful damage e-waste can cause to our water systems and general wellbeing. We wish to make this process as simple and easy as can be for all communities, while providing reliable and environmentally beneficial disposal. Change starts with us.

Don't miss out on The E-Waste Project's Community Day Events, a great opportunity to clear out some unwanted electronics and junk, all while helping your local neighborhood and environment. View some of our upcoming drop-off events and see if one is located near you.

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