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Have unwanted electronics in your office or commercial property? Here at the E-Waste Project we offer professional commercial clean-out services. We take old laptops and offer certified data destruction for hard drives, towers, printers, fax machines, network area storage devices and more. We understand how sensitive and important your business information can be, so when we come to clean out your space, we follow the proper protocols.
Whether you're downsizing, moving, or upgrading equipment, we are your team. We also offer NIST 800-88 CERTIFIED DATA DESTRUCTION, providing a safe and secure transition for our clients.

We strive to set the standard for office clean-out efficiency. No job is too big or too small and our resume backs that up.

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Learning of The Risks

In the United States, e-waste represents only 2-3% of America's annual solid waste. However, this small percentage also is responsible for 70% of the nation's hazardous materials found in landfills, according to the EPA. Worst off, only half of the states within the United States have legislation that properly addresses e-waste and how to safely handle and recycle it.

Electronic waste generation has been steadily increasing at an annual rate, with 2019 reaching an approximate 54 million metric tons produced worldwide. Although this is a global issue, certain countries are responsible for more e-waste generation than others. This being noted, per capita, the level of waste generation is far higher, and growing faster, within many developed nations. In 2018, globally, only 20% of all e-waste was documented, collected and eventually recycled. Nearly all of the remaining 80%, is undocumented; it's current locations and fate unknown. This negligence is harmful not only to the health of our planet, but the general wellbeing of people across the globe.

Much of the e-waste generated is shipped off to developing nations, where laws and regulations are far less stringent, leading to dangerous ways of processing this waste. E-waste, when processed incorrectly or hastily, can produce a plethora of harmful & toxic chemicals and components, such as Mercury, Arsenic, Lead, and Chromium. These volatile chemicals and fumes can lead to dangerous living environments, long term health issues and unusable water sources and land.

Undocumented E-Waste

E-Waste Hazardous Materials Found in US Landfills

How to make

a difference today.

Our goal here at The E-Waste Project is to make our communities' recycling experience as seamless and accessible as possible. We pride ourselves in raising awareness towards future generations, highlighting the hazardous risk that E-waste and similar materials have on our planet and ourselves. All in pursuit of a safer and brighter future for those in our communities and across the globe.
As a collective, we should all be working to protect the environment and our local regions, especially from the harmful damage e-waste can cause to our water systems and general wellbeing. Through our mission, we aim to provide further awareness and readiness for all communities, while providing reliable and beneficial access to disposal.

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