Here at The E-Waste Project, our main priority is making the recycling experience easy and convenient for our community. We work to raise awareness for generations to come while ensuring the health and safety of our planet. This issue is real and becomes a greater threat each year to our general wellbeing and all together health. As a collective, we all must lead by example so we can tackle this threat head on, while aiming to build a safer and healthier planet in the process.

Community Driven

Here at The E-Waste Project, we offer a variety of recycling services for all of the local community's needs.
Whether it be for a residential property, a local business or during our Community Day Drop-Off Events, we have you covered.

Items After Collection

We recognize how greatly our planet benefits from proper E-Waste processing and recycling. We also understand the difficulty or confusion on the proper methods of disposing these items, and we are here to eliminate that issue. Upon collection of any item we make sure that all materials can be recovered, reused or refurbished to the maximum extent. While materials that can't be, are disposed of in a proper manner, eliminating the risk of hazardous toxins and chemicals from escaping into the Earth.


Quality Ensured

We use multiple recycling plants that are fully certified and accredited by The ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board and up to EPA standards.

Standards include: Responsible Recycling (“R2”) and e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment certifications.


Certified Results

Our Certified recyclers demonstrate through audits and other means that they meet high environmental standards and can safely manage e-waste. Continual oversight by certifying bodies assures they are held to those standards.