Residential Pickup & Electronics Recycling Services

Need to clear out your home or apartment?

If you have electronics you no longer need, you can drop them off at our warehouse or we’ll pick them up from your home, and handle all the recycling hassle for you. Our goal is to make sure unwanted items are secured and properly disposed of in order to keep our planet happy and healthy. You can rest assured knowing that we follow all proper guidelines to ensure that all data is shredded and disposed of. Give us a call for a location nearest you.

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What Do We Specialize In Recycling?


  • Computers, Cell-phones, Printers and more.
  • Appliances

  • Televisions, Small Appliances, Washer & Dryers and more.
  • Loose Items

  • Cables, Wires, Plugs, Connectors / Adaptors, Batteries and more.
  • Current Recycling measures alone can't keep up with the continued yearly waste generation. But with awareness we can chip away at this issue together.

    Globally Generated E-Waste per Metric Ton

      • 201953%
      • 201445%
    Interested in our residential electronics recycling pickup & drop off services? Contact us today to request a quote.

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